We provide solutions in Virtualization & virtualized environments like VMware, Wndows 2012 Hyper-V etc.

Our solutions have helped clients optimize computer resources:

  • Provide higher utilization and lower hardware costs
  • Improving performance without additional hardware
  • Simplify and handle system complexity
  • Ensure availability and reliability
  • To provide affordable & right sized data protection
  • Quick and seamless recovery of data
  • Safeguard critical applications and reduce redundancy
  • Increase Flexibility and efficiency

Virtualization today is a standard pratice for all companies to help minimize costs, increase productivity, extend system life, and develop reliability and improve system performance.


Virtual Environments VMware ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V 2012, Xen, KVM, RHEV, Virtual Box
Architecture/design/development for components
  • Virtualized Disk Array, JBODs s or virtualized FC ports or virtualized servers
  • Virtualized Linux containers consisting of a set of processes (like Oracle process tree)
Business Continuity Solutions Migration/replication/check-pointing of linux containers/ Hyper-V 2012 VMs
Integration & Certifications of storage products with virtualization environments Vmware VAAI-NAS & VAAI-SAN, Windows Hyper-V
Plugins for storage vendors VSS software & hardware providers, VDS providers
  • Virtual Networking, OVS, SDN, SDS,
  • Understanding, Designing, Implementation of Support for L2-L7 services
  • Deployment of these Services
Quality Assurance Testlab setups & automation for virtualization products.Testlab setups & automation using virtualization products for ease & flexibility