Testing & Quality Assurance

Is your Software Development Team losing focus and innovation of your product is being stalled?

Ryussi’s QA and testing team can help free your development team from all these problems with our own customized solutions to suit your business needs.
Increase your business efficiency, yet maintain costs and reduce risks.
Our QA Team regard themselves as the gatekeepers to quality! Ryussi implements and engages specific and latest tools, unique best suited to the task methodologies, advanced skills, our pool of knowledge and our years of experience to get the job done!


Our QA team is well versed in both Developer Oriented Testing as well as Software Quality Assurance (QA) testing which involves functional as well as non-functional methods of testing

  • Functional QA: familiarise oneself with systems in absence of good documentation
  • Integration Testing
  • System Testing
  • Regression
  • Acceptance
  • Performance: involves Speed, Capacity & Scalability & Stability
  • Load Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Security Testing

We ensure your ROI with our:

  • Design Test Strategies & Test plans- to help ensure that a completely tested reliable product leaves our engineering lab.
  • Usage of the latest test beds, tools & environments – that help test products in the specific domains that we play in
  • Ensuring Priority and Severity of every bug and defect encountered – use our Defect Filing Process (DFP) to ensure your Go-live schedule is on track

Our Test Plans/Strategies are executed to perfection given our rigorous insistence on test or use cases that help our QA team win the war against bugs and defects!!

Our Capabilities Include:

When we undertake the automating of functional testing your project, we offer:

  • Development or use of ready frameworks
  • Ensure selection of test automation tool best suited to the system under test
  • Ensure well designed automated test scripts for the selected tool
  • Create and design test data
  • Ensure a process to run automated tests, upgrade the scripts

Two major benefits of Automation testing:

  1. Cost reduction: same tests can be used to run on different versions
  2. Reduced Human Risks: Number of resources for regression testing is reduced and automated testing runs faster than when humans tests manually

Our Testing team offers optimization of the performance of the product at any stage of the IT life cycle :

  • Load, volume and stress testing
  • Testing strategies defined to catch bugs
  • Monitoring and evaluating to boost performance
  • Recommend and incorporate changes as per your business needs and requirement

Two major benefits of performance testing:

  1. Reduction in Business disruption and – helps you focus and prevents complete breakdown of the application being tested
  2. Early detection and load testing : ensures durability of the product and better user experience
  • Defects can be detected in specific situations reducing errors before delivery
  • Meticulous detection ensures a bug free product
Although Manual testing is tedious and requires patience, yet is stated to be the most meticulous method for testing the product for errors and defects before delivery. The best results can be obtained when automated testing is complemented or supplemented, depending on the product/application being tested, by manual testing. We, at Ryussi undertake Manual testing that involves:·

  •    Acceptance Testing·
  •    Integration Testing·
  •    Beta Testing·
  •    Security testing
  •    System testing
  •    Unit Testing
  •    GUI testing


Two Major benefits of Manual testing:

  1. Defects can be detected in specific situations reducing errors before delivery
  2. Meticulous detection ensures a bug free product

Given that Cloud based testing is still nascent, our expertise in the cloud domain and with our QA & testers ramping up, we can offer our expertise in Cloud testing:

  • Testing Platform as a Services (TPaaS)
  • Providing tests across different layers/components of your application
  • Wide range of protocol support
  • Cloud performance
  • Mifration SAAS

Visualize Test flows to provide developers with faster ways to handle defects and errors while reporting bugs

 Two major benefits of Cloud Computing:

  1. Reduced costs and ROIs
  2. Security concerns can be minimized