We cover much of the Product Engineering Life Cycle – our experts can help every step of the way from product prototyping through to taking over older discontinued versions of products.


Product Development is fundamental to everything that we do. Our team of experts is geared towards helping our clients address all their development needs. This extends to cover :

Product Prototyping

Coming up with early stage prototypes or “Proof Of Concepts” based on concept notes or early product ideas. The objective is to provide evidence of the utility of the concept, identify early problems or to come up with a demo-able product used by our clients to acquire beta customers.

Core Product Development

This involves all activities needing to be taken up to turn out a finished product. The role of the team could be to take up specifically carved out pieces of the product that then integrate with the output of the client team, to work as an extension of the client’s development team & take up tasks as allocated or to work on complementary pieces of the project that may perhaps call for skills that are not core to the client’s product development team.

We recognize that a product that is going to become “Generally Available” to hundreds, perhaps thousands of consumers has to be as close to perfect as the Engineering team can make it. Testing plays a major role in achieving this goal. We undertake :


Helping design a test strategy & test plans & then systematically & rigorously executing on those plans to ensure that a completely testing reliable product leaves the engineering lab. This includes being aware of the latest test beds, tools & environments that help test products in the specific domains that we play in.
Test Automation

In a day of shorter & shorter sprints with smaller & smaller windows Automation is playing a growing role in testing. We offer the expert capability to study the test objectives & to then come up an Automation Strategy that will help identify what can & should be automated & the best way to do so. We also have the capability to help deliver these automations suites that maximize test coverage and effectiveness in a reduced time.

Version releases are following fast of the heels of each other & operating systems, processors etc. are also changing faster than ever. In such a scenario clients are faced with the dilemma of where to allocate their Engineering Resources – New Product Development has challenging goals & timelines but the older versions are where all the paying customers are focused. In such a situation our Sustenance Engineering services can help provide the necessary balance.

Our team can take the pressure off your New Product Development efforts by providing Sustenance Engineering support including :

  • Bug Fixes
  • Patches
  • Updates for OS upgrades
  • Minor feature enhancements

Overlap support as the product version transitions out from New Product Engineering

We also offer the capability to completely take over the older & End of Life versions of our clients’ products that need an acceptable minimum level of support because of the user base.