The growth in unstructured data continues to push the limitations of traditional storage architectures. Companies are increasingly using object storage for managing massive amounts of data. S3 has become a de facto standard for storing object data and storage vendors need to ensure that their Object Store is compatible with the S3 interface. As more and more enterprises start demanding object storage, Ryussi Technologies has developed an entire suite of products IOSIS (Intelligent Object Storage Interface Suite) to help you with your S3 portfolio.

IOSIS (Intelligent Object Storage Interface Suite) is a suite of components that is designed to provide Object Storage Interfaces over Storage systems, on the server, client and compliance test levels. The IOSIS suite allows customers quickly provide an Object Storage Interface for their proprietary storage system. Additionally, it provides customer clients as well as gathers detailed analytics in a fi?ne grained manner (at a packet level when the IOSIS server and clients are used in tandem)

Product Brief

IOSIS S3 Head exports local storage

Block or Filesystems – as an S3 compatible object stor- age system

The IOSIS S3-NAS Gateway

This is the soft appliance providing SMB share per user for storage and using S3 store for archiving the data on the backend

The IOSIS S3 Client

This enables users to map a S3 store as a regular drive and store data seam- lessly in an object store

The IOSIS S3 Compliance Suite and Test Automation framework

This allows storage vendors to test their S3 interfaces with ease and

The IOSIS S3 Analytics

This provides performance benchmarks to object storage vendors

IOSIS S2 Data Mover

This is a client side agent which runs on linux, Windows or Mac OS clients and allows the data to be moved our to the
S3 storage

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