Engineering Process

Technology and Product Development is a highly dynamic and evolving space. Our experience in the technology field, has given us insights into knowing what works where and when. This allows Ryussi to have very flexible models when working with clients.

The choice of Methodology however is dependent on the context of the project rather than on what we think is right!

The need to be transparent at any stage of Product Development, and the prime need to keep costs low, yet maintain quality along the process, has helped us to develop a Modified Modelthat involves, the traditional, Waterfall Model, and the evolving methodologies of Agile/Lean

This interesting blend of traditional and evolving methodologies, akin to the culture of a community, has brought dynamism between our engineers and the clients towards developing a high degree of Structure and Predictability towards the process of Product Development.

Requirement Gathering building towards Proof of Concept, often requires the Waterfall methodology, but also integrates the iterative methodology, especially when building a dialogue with our client in the initial phases, which also informs them of how we are proceeding. Given our expertise and experience, we have been able to extract the strengths of the methodologies and integrate them into everything we do… We understand the risks, and hence have learnt to convert them to our strengths

Benefits of our Modified Model