Engagement Models

At Ryussi our focus is the customer – this extends to the delivery models as well. We are geared to adopt the model that suits your specific requirements. The objective is to find the most optimum mix of scalability and economy of operation that offers our clients complete visibility and control. The models could be :


Our team of experts address the problems by clients in a structured manner. Short duration of Pilot type projects helps both sides to understand the capabilities and future requirements to take the relationship further.

Key Points:

  • Entire responsibility from capturing requirements to delivery of a tested solution including Project Management is ours.
  • Our premises & our resources ensure optimization of resources and reduced overhead costs
  • Our communication processes ensure that the clients have full visibility into ongoing progress.
  • Tightly scoped requirements enables a “Fixed Effort-Fixed Cost” undertaking
  • Evolving requirements ensures flexibility and offers the client an Hourly Rate model


To enlist the expertise for a specific task, a dedicated team of qualified experts, or called as “Retained team”, that can supplement the client’s engineering team, can be engaged. Works more akin to the “Build, Operate, Transfer” model

Key Points

  • Initial set-up for client is easier, simple and delivery starts on day one making transfer of operation a seamless process
  • Expertise and skills on a platter to the client
  • Incorporation of changes at any time ensures quick response by the Retained Team
  • Reduction in costs and resources, given reduced permanent expertise staff required to hire


Specific tasks require specific expertise and skill for the entire lifecycle of a product- from requirements gathering to execution and release. Or certain tasks may require one to provide the client an onsite interface with the offshore team. In such cases we depute a suitable resource to the client site for the duration of the task. This can be done on a short-term or a long-term basis

Key points:

  • Increase in productivity based on quick access to client side process and project details
  • Direct communication that leads to faster turn-around for logistical support
  • Reduced overhead costs for training specific people for specific expertise

This is often a good way to kick a project off – the Ryussi architect or Project Lead could travel onsite to help define the scope of the engagement as also to set up the logistics & processes that will ensure the ongoing success of the effort


This is an extension of the Extended Team model with the addition of some specific resources onsite to address some clearly defined tasks. Ryussi’s resources will be onsite for the duration of the project and work in collaboration with your team, and have some specific responsibilities.

Key Points:

  • Transparent and on the spot communication ensures reduced time-effort co-ordination between two teams
  • Productivity is greatly enhanced as process is seamless given good co-ordination
  • Decision making is much more faster with Team Leads / project Co-ordinator onsite who can co-ordinate with onsite team with home team is not available at that given time, and take faster decisions if and when required