Are you a company that handles the analysis of Big Data? While running your analysis do you often face performance loss, have doubts about the security and financial loss? Do you deal with structured as well as unstructured data which is a challenge to manage within a specific time-frame?
You can now rest easy! We, at Ryussi Technologies, are here to provide you a much more proactive approach when dealing with all these constraints

Analyzing large volumes of data arriving aperiodically at a high rate can be problematic. The high data rate makes it difficult to operate on a single event, let alone discern patterns made up of multiple events correlated to each other. Add to it, the complexity of having multiple sources for these events, and instead of a blessing you have a PROBLEM in your hands. We are here to solve your PROBLEMs which can soon turn into a nightmare!

We, at Ryussi, understand that your Big Data contains all the critical, time sensitive information you seek. The information which if went unnoticed would mean a lot of security, financial or performance loss. Therefore, Big Data Analysis is critical for business growth, rigorous security controls, and end-use experience analysis.

Ryussi’s vision towards Big Data Analysis is to provide service which will proactively work towards solving all the problems while keeping the productivity of the customer unhindered.

We specialize in log data analysis using cost effective, open source log data management framework ELK Stack. The ELK stack is ElasticSearch, Logstash and Kibana. Together they provide the world’s the most advanced open source, fully working real­time data analytics tool. Our latest endeavor to incorporate ELK Stack to solve complex data analytics problem has met with unprecedented success.

We also possess the expertise in a lot of data visualization tools like D3, Protovis etc. Our recent exploration in different data visualization tools and techniques have helped take our customers to a higher level of accurate analysis and better decision making which convert into reduced risk taking, lower cost expenditure in time and effort, and increased operation efficiency.