Ryussi means “crowned with success”, and it is our belief that customer is king. Our vision Is based  on the philosophy preached and practiced by Dr. Eli Goldratt.
Our aim is to deliver value based solutions via our reliable and efficient methodologies of  providing a stable project management platform.

Ryussi Value Proposition

We understand that there are a lot of options out there for product companies looking to offshore either parts or all of their product development. Ryussi is uniquely positioned with our differentiators like:

Domain Focus

System Engineering in Storage, Virtualization, Cloud and Big Data is our DNA. Our engineers (including our Founders) started their careers in product development in these domains and not writing application software.  The blend of  experience from our founders to the enthusiasm of our new engineers gives us the depth of knowledge and the ability to rapidly deliver projects in these domains.

Problem Solving Approach

We work with our clients collaboratively by understanding their problems first. Our teams look for out of the box solutions to problems and love solving complex technological challanges.


Everyone is a leader ! We believe true leaders are not born they are made. Our leadership team comprises of experts who have experience in building and managing product development teams, from small 4 – 5 people team to large teams of 100’s of highly skilled resources.